Published 21st of April 2023 by Nina

"Diversity Conversations Causing Frustrations"

HR magazine’s “Diversity conversations causing frustrations” headline caught my attention. The journal’s article, published yesterday by Millicent Machell, pointed to research conducted by the #diversity#equity and #inclusion (DEI) consultancy The Unmistakables which found that 26% of employees surveyed found DEI discussions “frustrating,” and 22% “nerve wracking.”

The Unmistakables’ Managing Director Simone Marquis commented that many in the majority feel they will misstep when engaging in discussions, and many in the “minoritized communities [feel] exhausted by the pressure to continuously educate colleagues about their lived experiences.”

The #research report highlights that there’s vastly more confidence in ‘talking ‘professionally’ on the #DEI topic than was the case two years ago, let along a decade ago.

If that’s so, there’s clearly a significant disconnect between what’s being said by #leadership and the day-to-day ‘real’ sense that #business employees have about their engagement with their company’s DEI agenda.

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength,” penned Maya Angelou.

What more can you do to create more meaningful DEI #engagement, drive change and do away with the “exclusion, disillusion, delusion and illusion” that so significantly pervades?
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