Published 28th of June 2023 by Nina

Diversity Continues to Lag in the Start Up and VC Community

Miriam Partington’s Financial Times Sifted article today is a compelling read, calling out that within the #startup / #scaling up / VC business community there continues to be a lack of #female representation at #Board level. Perhaps as a consequence, there is also a lack of #diversity at the senior #executive level.

I’ve been marinating on that topical issue. I am drawn to how those of us in roles as #leadership advisors and coaches support the shift.

In my practice, as partner to #Boards and senior #executives, working to build capacity and make change generally starts by creating awareness of ‘what is.’

I’m acutely aware that once the ‘what is’ discovery is made there is often a sense of ‘what can be,’ or the possibility of a different way forward that may better serve the #business and the #leaders. (For example, a scale-up’s discovery that there isn’t board diversity; that more diverse perspectives would support an acceleration in market penetration; that change is desirable).

I’m also acutely aware that when the #environment is fast-paced and demanding -- as is the case within the start-up and #VC context – those discoveries which lead to change aren’t going to happen without a will to take the time and make the space in some way. Time and space breeds awareness and possibility.

Partnering with #leaders to “slow down to move fast” is a core part of my work.

How do you work with leaders to support change?


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