Published 1st of March 2022 by Nina

Carrier Creates Corporate Venture Capital Group to 'Self-Disrupt'

“Disrupt or be disrupted.” It’s a powerful phrase and one which, it would seem, Carrier Group Corporation, the global HVAC, refrigeration and building solutions #business, has considered long and hard at the board table.

Good to see in fresh news out this week that the victors of any tug-of-war on that philosophical front are those who hold dear the progressive stance: the company has just unveiled the launch of Carrier’s Corporate #Venture Capital Group.

A business entity focused on #investments which accelerate development of sustainable #innovations and disruptive ‘cold chain’ #technology, the Corporate #VentureCapital Group already has two investments on the cards, including Addvolt and OhmConnect. Additions to the portfolio are in the pipeline.

Carrier Chairman and CEO David Gitlin and Carrier Global’s business #leadership team recognised not only the inherent risk in complacency but also that Carrier Global can benefit from partnership. As Gitlin put it, Carrier brings “proven expertise and resources.” Combined with “the best thinkers outside of Carrier” this makes for a winning combination.

How can you, as business leader, better leverage #collaboration to stay ahead of the wave? How might you disrupt, rather than be disrupted?

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