Published 10th of August 2021 by Nina

Diligent Corporation Acquires Accuvio in Quest to Offer Most Comprehensive ESG Solution in the Market

South Korean institutional economist and University of Cambridge Reader Dr. Ha-Joon Chang remarked “The foundation of economic development is the acquisition of more productive knowledge.”

A more apt statement could not be said about Diligent Corporation’s acquisition of Accuvio Sustainability Reporting Software. Announced just hours ago, the purchase by Diligent of Accuvio reflects the company’s intention to offer the most comprehensive #environmental, #social and #governance (#esg) solution in the market, a.k.a. "productive knowledge" to support #sustainable economic development.

·  Privately-held, New York-based Diligent is a 27-year-old #saas provider, with over a million users in 90 countries levering its #governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform solutions.

·  Limerick-based Accuvio, founded 12 years ago, has clients in c. 120 countries worldwide, and specialises in ESG #reporting software.

ESG analysis and reporting has become big business over the last few years and is only set to grow with the surge of corporate #sustainability commitments combined with the ever-increasing stakeholder requirements. Forecasts suggest the value to triple, reaching $ 1.5 billion by 2028.

That being so, not only does the deal smack of a way to provide clients with a robust ‘one-stop-shop’ #sustainabledevelopment ESG solution but, also, the deal smacks of a very smart acquisition of productive knowledge by Diligent, indeed.


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