Published 19th of November 2021 by Nina

Creating a More Resilient UK

UK thinktank Green Alliance has just issued a report which highlights strong reasons to boost the country’s #recycling activity: reducing #waste, building reserves of rare elements needed for #green industries and creating #jobs

As the publication reflects, use of elements like cobalt, lithium and silver is set to sky-rocket over the next decades, with sectors (like #electricvehicles, #windturbines, etc) reliant on them.
Developing further domestic recycling, as the Green Alliance's Susan Evans pointed out, presents a “big opportunity for the #UK to become much more resilient and self-sufficient.”
Moreover, adopting a #circulareconomy, leveraging “recovery and reprocessing” of raw materials reduces waste at the same time it can create good jobs across the country.

Positive for the #environment. Positive for #society

What’s holding us back?

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