Published 1st of February 2023 by Nina

Climate Tech Is Hot: A Sector With Businesses Which Live and Breathe Purpose

“We’re actually doing work that matters!” said a CEO to me when we met recently and discussed the energy and ambition which radiates from the #leadership team of the #social and #environmental impact company he leads.

That exact comment was dittoed in a The New York Times article earlier this week that caught my attention.

Arebeth Pease, quoted in the piece, had choices of where she wanted to take her next phase of career. She joined SPAN, a start up #climate tech company based in San Francisco.

As the article points out, with 91% of the global economy now committing in some way to #netzero targets (according to Net Zero Tracker), there is an ever-increasing demand for solutions which can deliver the pledges.

In the US, nearly $20 billion in funds was raised for the sector, with European #climatetech investment at the c. €8 billion mark.

Simply said: it’s a hot space, and as pointed out by Rick Zullo at #venturecapital firm Equal Ventures, “one of the few industries that tend to be extremely recession-resilient.”

Faced with strong career prospects, funding for #business growth, and an organisation which lives and breathes a sense of #purpose, Ms. Pease and others see these business leadership appointments as attractive and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Purpose matters.

What can your #organisation do to create more meaningful work for your #employees?



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