Published 22nd of December 2022 by Nina

Climate Change's Far Reaching Impacts: Not Only the Weather But Also Sex-Changing Lizards, Shrinking Goats, Worse Wine and Less Coffee

A winter storm and cold weather is sweeping through the #USA today, and the Arctic blast is due to touch nearly every state on the continent. Life-threatening wind chills are expected in parts of the country, with temperatures reaching as low as minus 50 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit being a possible consequence. 

Meteorologists have postulated the #weather pattern could develop into a "bomb cyclone” which is an expression coined in 1980 by #MIT meteorologists Frederick Sanders and John R. Gyakum and is just as bad as it sounds: a rapidly strengthening storm which could prove disastrous.

It's all very alarming, to say the least. The #planet and our weather system has clearly shifted. #Climate change is no small matter!

And if that Arctic blast hasn’t captured your attention-- nor (miraculously) has any other #climatechange news, to date, which has made it to 2022 headlines -- perhaps something on this list put out earlier today by the World Economic Forum's Ian Shine will do.
Sex changing lizards and shrinking goats are mentioned. So, too, are the impacts of increased lightning, bumpier airplane trips and volcano eruptions. Depending on your Maslow’s hierarchies of needs, though, the most concerning of all could be the worse #wine and much less #coffee on offer in years to come.

As the close of 2022 nears, one looks to the possibility that 2023 may bring #government#business #leadership#thirdsector#communities and ourselves take more pronounced action to create a better, #sustainable #future for us all.


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