Published 2nd of August 2021 by Nina

Champagne without Fizz?

Amongst agricultural changes prompted by #climatechange not grabbing headlines -- but nonetheless reflective of what the earth’s heating up does to some of life’s pleasures – is the increasing number of Champagne wines being produced without fizz.
As ELIN McCOY points out in her Bloomberg article, the rise in temperature in the Champagne, France region over the last 30 years ahs been 1.1 degree Celsius (c. 2 degrees Fahrenheit). 
The impact is that the historically cooler region of Champagne now has a #climate which allows grapes to “ripen more fully,” giving wines “more weight and flavour concentration.”
Wineries in France, so McCoy reflects, are transitioning to this new #environment: Champagne-region producers are increasingly making attractive still wines.
Interesting to hear that news, as the UK is starting to increasingly make sparking wines, also reflective of climate change.
It is a changing #world. And one feels the compunction to toast those who are getting ahead of the wave and doing what they can to manage the shift. 
But does one do that with a glass of fizz? Or non-fizz?


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