Published 12th of March 2023 by Nina

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023: Embracing Equality

In early March 1911, the first International #Women’s Day was held, though it took until 1975 for the United Nations to recognise and celebrate the event.

Today, 8 March, marks the 2023 day.

As we approach nearly 50 years of the UN’s recognition of the occasion, today being International Women's Day 2023, there is a clear sense that things have shifted — far more women feel that they have a voice, have agency than the world into which I was born.

This said, there’s much work yet to be done to build a better #future for women across the world and why the highlighted theme in the International Women’s Day this year is “Embrace #Equity.”

The theme isn’t just about appointing women into #leadership roles in #government#business and other organisations, albeit surely better #diversity representation at #Board and in senior #leader positions will make for positive impact.

Rather, it is also about assuring #education for girls and women, supporting #employment, and helping women access #equal work opportunities to raise status in societies, worldwide.

This is no mean feat. It takes commitment. It takes #collaboration. It take focus. It takes #courage.

What more can you do on this International Women’s Day, 8 March, as well as tomorrow and every day after to help build a better, #sustainable future for girls and women local to your #community and beyond, globally?

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