Published 22nd of March 2023 by Nina

Australia Sets a World's First: Agreeing Country-Wide Standards for Compostable Textiles

You may think, at first blush, that my #linkedin efforts today represent gratuitous posting…a quest for getting as many ‘likes’ as possible.

It's true that, to say the least, the photo put forward with The Independent’s article below is, well, eye-catching.

However, in fact, there's a great story here and well worth pointing out! It represents wholly innovative thinking in line with ‘#reduce / #reuse / #recycle,’ as well as the power of #collaboration to make things happen!

As the article sets out: #Australia is “set to a world-first standard for composting #textiles,” with Standards Australia, the primary non-#government standards development body in Australia, agreeing to create technical spec ‘rules of the road’ for what qualifies / is accepted as a #compostable #textile.

It has taken the coming together of a highly diverse set of parties, with a broad range of perspectives, over an 18 month period to achieve this world-first. Amongst them are #sustainability experts, academics, NGOs, #business #leadership and government.

It has taken #innovation from Stephanie Devine, founder entrepreneur of The Very Good Bra, who not only set out to produce compostable lingerie but also pressed for a system-wide solution for textiles’ compostability in Australia.

Here's to the magic of #collaboration and #innovation -- no matter what size or shape!


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