Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

VC and PE Sector Releases 'Best Practice Guideline’ To Drive Diversity & Inclusion in the Investment Industry

The #venturecapital and #privateequity sector’s announcement this week of a #diversity and #inclusion ‘best practice guideline’ for the investment industry is not only encouraging but also enlightening to see in the press.

Published by the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) -- with Pollen Street Capital, Ada Ventures, Adelpha, Astia, Atomico, Diversio, Diversity VC and KPMG being those firms which have drafted the document -- this “blueprint for diversity and inclusion” is a first for the UK VC and PE sector, and something to be applauded.

These particular firms’ #businessleaders have recognised that not only as smart employers but also smart investors the time is nigh to actively do more to widen diversity across the investment community. By publishing, they also are calling for industry-wide, #systemicchange.

As they have highlighted, diversity and inclusion can benefit the UK economy while also unlocking returns that otherwise would have been overlooked.

Could 2021 really be the year of a broadscale shift, with true momentum building toward a new breed of VC and PE #leadership? What do you think?

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