Published 4th of June 2021 by Nina

Business Leadership: Creating A Platform for Diversity and Inclusion

“Snowflake CEO Says Diversity Goal is Secondary in Hiring Choices” was the title of a Bloomberg LP piece yesterday. It is a fascinating read and begs thought from the reader afterwards.

One can applaud CEO Frank Slootman’s honesty about the topic. Indeed, he intimates he feels brave to say, aloud, that #diversity doesn’t trump merit in today’s environment, when hiring an executive.

However, the challenge with creating #diverse workforces – and ensuring the #inclusion of diverse workforces – only in some occasions stems from an issue with finding worthy candidates who are representative of ‘diverse’ backgrounds. 

Often other issues are at play, including conscious and unconscious bias before, during and after prospective talent is hired into a company; cultural norms and behaviours; values; etc.

Those who champion #diversityandinclusion aren’t generally looking for a ‘pass’.  They expect individuals to merit their position and earn their keep. It’s the openness to being considered at all -- getting the chance to be at the table – that is sought.

Nelson Mandela said “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear,” looking squarely at himself and addressing the challenges.

Better #business #leadership does just that.


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