Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

British Airways Setting Out Its Stall with Sustainable Fuels

The US state of Georgia caught headlines with its crucial role in US Presidential and Senatorial elections and this week again made news with the pivotal role it may play in British Airways's (BA's) #sustainability transition.

The airline has announced plans that it is investing in a new Georgia-based plant, to be built by LanzaJet, producing sustainable #aviation fuel.

BA has set out its stall to operate transatlantic flights partially powered by #sustainablefuels by as early as 2022. Admittedly, the amount produced by the plant will be only a fraction of what's needed for BA's fleet, but one has to start somewhere.

According to The International Civil Aviation Organization, seating capacity fell c. 50% last year, with 1.8B passengers taking flights versus c 4.5B in 2019.

This decrease, itself, presents clear need for aviation's #business leaders to redefine air travel, innovate, and do so with pace. Combined with the fact that consumers are doubling down on sustainability--with the advent of the ‘conscious traveller’--there's that much more business imperative.

How are you, as a business leader, building high performance, agile teams to drive a 'future fit' organisation?



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