Published 17th of June 2023 by Nina

Online Fashion Retailer Boozt Blocks Customers from Returning Too Many Items

Wow! #Sweden-based #online #fashion retailer Boozt Group AB has chosen to take a stand and block 42,000 customers for returning too many items!

Returns have long been a thorn in the side of #retailers, with an average 20% of products shipped out returned to #businesses.

It’s a drag on costs. It also impacts the scope of #environmental impact.

Customers who return are often ‘repeat offenders,’ meaning that there are a great many customers whose modus operandi is to return, regularly, items.

Breaking the habit of those consumers in this mindset won’t be easy, and some retailers have chosen, as a result, to go in to the opposite direction with a more ‘gentle nudge’ approach. They give discounts to customers who choose not to return.

But as Boozt AB #leadership sees it, the bold step is a must, supporting financial and #sustainability goals.

“By…reducing unnecessary returns, Boozt saved approximately 791 tons of CO2 in 2022 which has eliminated the need for approximately 600 delivery trucks during one year.”

Well, that nothing to be sneezed at.

What more can you do to break old habits?


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