Published 21st of April 2022 by Nina

BMW's Cars May be Sexy....Their Sustainability Action is Even Sexier

Did you know that 5% of #supplychain emissions related BMW and MINI car production comes from the wheels? Or that BMW Group procures a whopping 10 million light-allow wheels per year? Were you aware that 95% of BMW’s wheels are made from cast aluminium?

In all likelihood, unless you work in the #automotive sector or have a fetish for statistics, these figures are new to you.

Why do I then share them with you? Well, given the #energy-intensive nature of producing the aluminium wheels, there is marked opportunity for BMW to lighten the load in #CO2 emissions and drive forward its #sustainabledevelopment goals (pardon the puns). Fresh news announced by the company is that from 2024 onwards BMW Group will be producing its BMW and Mini wheels with 100% #greenenergy.

"That's only a small shift," you may say. But when you look at the statistics, its clearly high impact. There is expected to be a CO2 #emissions saving of up to 500,000 tonnes per year.

BMW’s sports cars might be sexy. BMW’s #sustainability is even sexier.

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