Published 14th of March 2021 by Nina

"Banks on Our Future” Survey Demonstrates The Imperative To Act Now on Sustainability Promises

Financial services business leaders take notice! Potent research out this week from Market Forces -- entitled the “Banks on Our Future” survey -- demonstrates both for #responsiblebusiness reasons and commercial imperatives the reason to act now, and urgently, on #sustainability promises.

The report, which polled 2,000 #banking customers in the UK, uncovered that more than one in ten (12.5%) customers would be ‘very likely’ to switch banks, of they knew their bank was investing in #fossilfuels.

Doing the maths, the top five UK banks, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest Group, Standard Chartered Bank could put in jeopardy their relationships with millions of customers.

While, for years, corporations have been capable of sweeping under the carpet such practices – campaigning groups now have the benefit of social media to positively agitate. Combined with the media becoming that much more savvy in noting ‘#greenwashing’ – i.e. giving lip service to sustainability – public awareness will sooner, rather than later, place the miscreants right smack in the middle of the cross-hairs.

Sustainability #leadership makes for a future fit business, and a future fit business is good business.

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