Published 15th of April 2021 by Nina

Bank of America Investing $1 Trillion in Climate-Related Solutions

Fifth century Greek philosopher Proclus once declared “wherever there is number, there is beauty.”

Were he still alive, he might well have heartily rejoiced this week, having seen #sustainability news out from Bank of America.

The company has increased its existing $300 billion #sustainable business initiatives fund threefold: by 2030 Bank of America will invest over $1 trillion in #climate-related solutions.

Since it first launched its #environmental fund back in 2007, the company has financed $200 billion in sustainable initiatives, and the new commitment is part of Bank of America’s bidding to accelerate the transition toward a low-carbon, sustainable #future.

Bank of America’s business #leadership have recognised that #responsiblebusiness is good for business. Indeed, as Head of Global Sustainable Finance Karen Fang shared with American Banker, there is “opportunity for exponential market growth in [environmental, #social and #governance]-themed products and services.”

Proclus’ predecessor, Plato, once penned “The measure of a man is what he does with power.”

How are you using your might to make positive environmental and societal change?

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