Published 9th of May 2022 by Nina

BAFTA Chair Krishnendu Majumdar Calls Out for C-Suite and Board Level Diversity within the Media & Entertainment Sector

Back in 2020, BAFTA Chair Krishnendu Majumdar talked of the “collective grief” he and members of the Academy experienced during meetings which were part of the organisation’s broadscale “#diversity review" (launched given the not-very-diverse 2020 film award nominations).

Tonight, opening the BAFTA TV Awards at #London’s Royal Festival Hall, Majumdar expressed his continued disappointment, telling the audience “we desperately need diversity among #leaders and the gate keepers who run #television – at #board level, heads of channels, key creatives and decision makers.”

While at lower #employee tiers one has seen inroads made, across the sector at C-suite level and at Non Executive Director (board) level, there is still a marked lack of diverse representation. 

Change takes time. That is understood. But there is, nonetheless, a question begged: what holds back a more accelerated transformation than that which we are witnessing?


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