Published 10th of October 2023 by Nina

"Waterfall or Agile?" or...a Third Way?

As a #Business #Coach who works with Executives, Teams and Organisations, I am often pulled into contexts where there are tensions or misunderstandings across #teams and #teammembers on ‘ways of working’ and ‘ways of being.’

One particular area which arises in relation to project management and decision-making is around how best to ensure there's a comprehensiveness in analysing and implementing options while also having a ‘fleet-of-foot’ sensibility to respond adequately to the #dynamics of a fast and seemingly ever-shifting landscape.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez’s “It’s Time to End the Battle Between #Waterfall and #Agile” is a terrific though piece which summarises the benefits and risks of both and, importantly, a ‘third way,’ a hybrid approach which levers both waterfall and agile. 

Nieto-Rodgriguez’s point is that there is good and less good in each m.o. Setting up battle-lines about which is best, (i.e. “Waterfall or Agile?”) is missing the opportunity at hand to harness the #power of the ‘third way.’

Not only in relation to project management and decision-making but also more generally, I wonder how often battle-line positions are taken by #leaders without pause to reconsider whether there may be a better, third way?

And, how, I wonder, might #business leaders and #leadership teams create the time and space for themselves and their teams, as well as their #organisations, to discover The Possibility which comes from the exploration?


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