Published 23rd of May 2023 by Nina

B Lab Revises Standards for B Corp Certification to Manage 'B Washing' Creep

Achieving B Lab’s B Corp certification is just about to get harder, and it’s coming none too soon, according to many #business leaders who are committed to truly transformative practice, with a clear ‘north star’ of #sustainabledevelopment.

Over the last year, there’s been a groundswell in applications to B Lab for the accreditation, across the #planet. There are companies which are seriously, genuinely, making shifts within that mix. There are other #leadership teams which have become very slick at working the system – sometimes by way of hiring external consultants who specialise in the application formation process — allowing for B Corp ‘creep.’

This ‘B washing’ has prompted the move to revise #standards comprised by the #environment#employee#client#community and #governance dimensions of the certification; ensuring a robustness of the certification process. B Lab has a goal to implement the new standards by early 2024.

B Lab’s Global Director of Standards Judy Rodrigues points to the importance of both carrot and stick with the approach, commenting: “It’s important that the standards enable businesses to achieve meaningful progress towards a more #inclusive#equitable and #regenerative #economy while remaining within reach for all kinds of businesses across the #globe.”

Thomas Fuller penned “one that would have the fruit must climb the tree,” reflecting that the ‘good stuff’ happens from effort.

What more can you do, with a bit more effort, to create a better, #sustainable #future for us all?


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