Published 18th of July 2022 by Nina

B-Lab Global's "Best In World 2022": Positive News for the UK with Strong Representation in the List

News out over the last 24 hours from B Lab Global has something for those of us in the UK to widely celebrate. “British B-Corps dominate list of the world’s most impactful businesses,” as #sustainability publication edie put it so well!

Every year, B Lab announces the “Best of the World,” a list of businesses assessed by them (a.k.a. B-Corps) across key areas including #community, customers, #environment, employees and #governance. Those which have exceptionally high standards, ranked in the top 5% of all B-corps in their corresponding size group and acting as ‘leading lights’ in their positive impact, are donned “Best of the World.” 
The UK’s 165 companies accounted for 16% of the "Best for the World."

There are more than 5,000 B-Corps globally, with the #UK (now with 700 companies certified) one of the fastest-growing communities outside of America.   B Lab Global defines the #leadership in these organisations as “unified by one common goal: building an #inclusive, equitable, and #regenerative economic system.”

Bravissimo to the “Best of the World,” the 5,000 B-corps and those #leaders striving to do more and become bolder and better in their positive impact. Here’s to #business as a force for good.

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