Published 21st of October 2021 by Nina

AXA Unveils Euro 1.5 Billion Commitment to Biodiversity

AXA Chief Executive Officer Thomas Buberl has, with his #leadership team, just announced a high impact #biodiversity pledge, unveiling a Euro 1.5B commitment to support sustainable forest management. It includes Euro 500M in reforestation projects in emerging countries, territories which are mission-critical to support in #sustainabledevelopment transition.

AXA has been a major player in the backing of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). And CEO Buberl saw this new announcement as a natural progression for AXA, commenting that the company “has been a pioneer in the #financial industry by adopting, in 2013, restrictions on unsustainable palm oil operations to protect stressed ecosystems.”

Buberl references #COP26 in the announcement. That has given rise to some critics pointing out that not only AXA but also others seem to be carefully curating pledges and PR with the COP26 backdrop.

But as Albert Einstein once said, “nothing happens until something moves” and there’s no debating that this is movement, and powerfully so.

What’s in your power to do today which can engender change to happen and create positive impact?


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