Published 7th of October 2021 by Nina

Fashion Retailer ASOS's CEO Dares to be Transparent in Publicly Reporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Gaps

Fashion retailer has disclosed publicly this week its ethnicity pay gap data. The report shows gaps across the employee base, including a 13.4% gap for black/black British employees and a 14.1% gap for mixed / multiple ethnic groups versus white counterparts.
The findings also point to gaps at the #business' leadership team level. Ethnic minority staff comprise 19% of the ASOS workforce and this corresponds to the United Kingdom’s approximate population. This suggests ASOS is aptly reflecting #diversity in its workforce. However, ethnic minorities comprise only 7% of #leadership roles in the business.
ASOS Chief Executive Officer Nick Beighton had a choice to keep internal the ethnicity and gender pay gaps report findings or, alternatively, announce them publicly. He bravely chose the latter. According to Retail Week, ASOS’ disclosure could represent the first time ever a larger #apparel #retail company has made that decision.
Beighton’s reason? By opting to release publicly the information, ASOS will “be held accountable” on its #diversity, #equity and #inclusion goals. By being transparent and putting into the public domain its findings, the #fashion retailer cannot sweep under the carpet issues it has to address. All is out there, in the spotlights and Nick and the ASOS leadership team are, henceforth, under public scrutiny to deliver.
How might you leverage #transparency to support your organisation's progress?

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