Published 26th of August 2022 by Nina

ASDA Removes 'Sell By' Dates from Over 200 Fruit and Vegetable Products in Bid to Cut Food Waste

“Fortune favours the bold.” So goes the Latin proverb. Wishing well to Asda for great fortune as it progresses on its further bold #sustainability actions, this week announcing the removal of ‘best before’ dates on over 200 fresh fruit and vegetable products, starting 1 September.

Asda is one of a number of grocers worldwide looking to cut down on unnecessary food #waste. Months ago, Asda and other #supermarket chains took off expiry dates from milk, saying customers can well use the old, standard sniff or smell taste to assess whether their carton of milk has expired.

Sustainability action NGO WRAP’s research suggests that 45% of global #ghg #emissions can only be tackled by changing the way we make and consume products and food. 'Best before' dates on fruit and vegetables often prompt us to throw out products which are perfectly fine for our families, in parallel contributing unnecessarily to #climate change.

WRAP figures also suggest that the average family throws away a whopping “£60 worth of food and drink each month.” So, along with the sustainability benefit there can also be a marked #economic advantage to cutting down on the waste.

The economist and Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt once said “Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”

Good to see from the #leadership of ASDA both creativity and #innovation#Business, in action, helping build a better future.

How might you leverage more your creativity and innovation, to build a better #future?


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