Published 9th of August 2022 by Nina

ARUP Partners with the Singapore Economic Development Board to Launch The Centre for Climate Action in Cities

British multi-national #design#architecture#engineering and advisory services firm Arup, with a mission to “develop a truly #sustainable built environment," has just this morning announced the launch of its Centre for Climate Action in Cities (CCAC), supported in partnership by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)

Great to see news of the Centre, which has a prime directive to help private and public organisations and governments in Asia to “navigate risks, identify opportunities, strengthen organisational #resilience and implement changes responding to the #climate emergency.” 

Most front and centre to the CCAC’s agenda is the complex, ‘wicked’ problem of balancing the infrastructure needed for a swelling urban population in #Asia (c. 3.5 billion by 2050) with the #environment.

In delivering on the CCAC's ambition, Arup will look to collaborate not only with the EDB but also beyond. While the firm takes pride in its 16,000 employees worldwide, #leadership recognises that, even with the reach and expertise, they don’t have all the answers in-house to do their part in driving solutions to achieve a #sustainable #future.

“Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds” said Scottish-born inventor, scientist and engineer Alexander Graham Bell. 

Here's to Arup's #business leaders and others like them that recognise the power in #partnership.


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