Published 20th of April 2021 by Nina

Anheuser-Busch InBev Shows the Art of Powerful Communication

#smartagriculture. #waterstewardship. #circularpackaging. #climateaction. Four key planks of global brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev's sustainability agenda. Clear to some, perhaps harder for those less familiar with the concept of #sustainability.

Perhaps instinctively recognising this, AB InBev Chief Executive Carlos Brito said in a Forbes interview last September: “No water, no beer, right?”

The comment was beautiful in its simplicity, making easy-to-understand the concept of #sustainability for all.

The reflection illustrates an extraordinarily important sustainability #leadership competence: the ability to powerfully ‘story tell’, to enthuse, engage and inspire.

AB InBev has a long history of demonstrating its #communication prowess, and that continues this week, with the company announcing they'll use #solarpower to brew Michelob Ultra Pure Gold Beer.

There are those who will argue it's just a marketing ploy and #greenwashing. However, the use of #solar marks a sustainability-led transition. Moreover, the company is not hiding that it's looking to appeal to younger, more environmentally conscious consumers. It wants to inspire them to consume sustainably.

Whatever the case, it smacks of a positive story.

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