Published 18th of July 2022 by Nina

Alok Sharma Hints at Possibility of Resigning Should the UK's New Conservative Leader Not Press on with UK Sustainability Commitments

Alok Sharma, the UK Government Cabinet Minister who led #cop26 in Glasgow last year, came out this morning and reinforced his will for the #UK to deliver on its #netzero commitments.

In an interview today with The Observer about the Conservative #leadership contest underway, Sharma has said he will be looking for candidates to “very proactively set out their support for [a] net zero agenda for #green #growth.”

Sharma’s message was direct, clear, challenging and daring.

However, when asked if he might resign from his #government #cabinet seat were the newly anointed #leader to stray from commitments, Alok was far less direct, clear, challenging and daring, saying: “I don’t rule anything out and I don’t rule anything in.”

One might say that Alok is just being politically savvy, hedging bets, holding his cards close. And this may well be true. Only he knows, in practice, what he would do if the time came for a decision.

However, it does make one wonder. If the very leaders who represent the government in #sustainability goals cannot, themselves, courageously step forward, be clear and vocal about what they would do in practice, how can we expect others, less convinced or engaged, to be bold when it’s necessitated?

Leadership isn’t easy. Nor is change. They both take courage and will. Here’s to more boldness in words…and in action.

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