Published 15th of September 2021 by Nina

UK Grocery House Morrisons' Leadership Taking the Leap to Trial Zero Waste Stores

UK grocery house Morrisons has just announced impressive plans to trial zero waste stores at six of its sites in Edinburgh. If a success, the #business plans the roll out to all its 498 sites over the next year.
The pilot is being taken forward with Nestlé, which will be #recycling soft plastics for the first time in the UK, instead of shipping it to other countries for processing. 
In practice, it means setting up a #zerowaste process, including hiring or redeploying staff members, in site, to work in store rooms and sort store waste including #plastics, cardboard #packaging, tins, foils, food waste, etc.
Morrisons is also planning to work with Danish private equity-backed Too Good To Go – itself the largest B2C marketplace for surplus food – to offer unsold goods. This will ensure that as much food as possible is used, rather than wasted.
Morrisons' #leadership, including #Sustainability Procurement Director Jamie Winter, have confirmed expectation that the company can “move from recycling 27% of general waste to over 84%.”
While it is, for now, only a pilot, as artist Vincent Van Gogh once said “what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
What can you do differently?

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