Published 28th of September 2022 by Nina

Adidas and Stella McCartney Partner to Create Sportswear's First 'Circular' Tracksuit

British fashion designer Bruce Oldfield, best known for his #couture occasion wear label -- and with clients he counts ranging Oscar-winning actresses to #British and international royalty – once remarked, “We’re into Nicole Kidmans, rather than the young girl who just got married in a tracksuit.”

They say that, in fashion, image is everything. So, too, is positioning of a #brand, and Oldfield has cared deeply to protect the #image and #positioning of his label.

This said, as the old Latin proverb goes, fortune favours the bold, and as the Stella McCartney and adidas labels see it, image and positioning are well-aided by their new tracksuit, which makes a bold statement as the ‘first of its kind’ as a 'circular' sportswear garment.

Putting into sharp focus the #innovation and #collaboration #business #leadership of not only Stella McCartney and Adidas but also Infinited Fiber Company, who produced the fibres used in production of the 60% viscose and 40% organic cotton compound, the newly released tracksuit comes from the efforts of Adidas’ ‘Made to be Remade’ #sustainable development #circularity pilot programme.

Exciting stuff. Not sure it will shift Bruce Oldfield’s view, but this #fashion item should turn heads of many of today’s customers, beyond the young girl who just got married in a tracksuit.


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