Published 22nd of December 2022 by Nina

3M Leadership Confirms Plans to Kiss Goodbye to "Forever Chemicals" in 2025...Forever!

Big news out today from American multinational conglomerate 3M! The #Minnesota-based company has announced that it has set itself a 2025 deadline to stop producing #PFAS, a.k.a. "forever chemicals.”

Per- or poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of over 4,700 industrial chemicals used in everyday products including anything from #food packaging, toiletries and #clothing to #mobile #phones, semiconductors and non-stick cookware.

High concentrations have been found in #water#soil and #foods, and they are, as the moniker “forever chemical” suggests, extremely persistent, with some researchers saying it can be upwards of 1,000 years for them to degrade.

They’ve been linked to any number of #health issues: cancers, heart problems and broader immune system comprise, just to name a few.

When their discovery was made, PFAS were heralded. The idea of their #sustainability, with the limited knowledge had at the time, was something to celebrate.

We know better now. 3M knows better now.

Congratulations to 3M #Board and #leadership team on their decision to, in 2025, part ways with “forever chemicals” forever.

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