Published 20th of January 2022 by Nina

15 Leading UK Retailers Pledge Commitments to Inclusion and Diversity

Great to see the news of 15 major UK retail companies leading the way on #inclusion and #diversity by joining forces with Be Inspired to launch a programme which sees them pledging commitment to addressing #diversityandinclusion in #fashion and retail.
While many of the retailers who have signed up are doing so as 'recommitments' – having been active in years prior – there is clearly a groundswell developing across a broader set of companies and #retail subsectors. This bodes well for programme as it is sure to reach and positively effect impact more ‘leaders of tomorrow’ (#future #leadership) from diverse backgrounds.
Moreover, launched initially as a programme for women in retail, the programme now looks to encourage diversity and inclusion in terms of not only #gender but also race, sexual orientation, background, age, ability, etc.
But the most compelling part of the programme is its pragmatism, with it providing practical skills to both the retail employers and the diverse, rich ‘leaders of tomorrow’ to develop and drive a diverse, inclusive and welcoming #environment.
It’s the start of a new year. What more can you, with the months before you, to drive diversity and inclusion in your organisation?


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